This is some Tsuki no Me Keikaku shit
Guys! I recently started a food blog called The Hungry Yeti as a place to keep all of my recipes. If you’re interested, you can view it at You can also keep up with the adventure on social media. If you follow even one of these accounts then you’re cordially invited to my place for veggie food, and that’s a serious invitation :)

Here it is: a kickass lentil burger. Pretty simple to make and super tasty. Has the flavour, texture and juiciness with none of the meat. Head over to for the full recipe and more #vegan #vegetarian #thehungryyeti #hungryyeti #burger #lentils #mushrooms (at the yeti’s kitchen)



Delicious and gluten-free Brazilian treats, pao de queijo recipe @ #vegetarian #brazilian #paedequeijo #cheesybread